Hey! Welcome to my blog…

Hi there…

I thought I would give “blogging” a try. No particular topics on the agenda…just everyday things or something that you just gotta talk about. I am a huge Walking Dead fan, and totally irritated that the season is already over. But I have to say it now, I think it was Glen. YES, I said it… I think Glen took it for the squad. Sucks, but I am just hoping that it wasn’t Daryl. But I don’t think Daryl would go down without a fight. So next starting is Fear of the Walking Dead. It’s another good one, not Walking Dead level though I have to say, but it is satisfying. Ha Ha Ha Ha.

I am going to keep this short for now, but I wanted to get it started. Feel free to comment with any questions and/or topics you want discussed.


ABOUT THAT…….blogging…yeah I’m here.




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